Vertigo And Its Three Major Symptoms

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There are three major symptoms that are usually known to direct you to vertigo. In this article, we will be naming what those three are and discuss them at length. A patient suffering from the condition known as vertigo will find that all these manifestations affect his or her sense of balance. Basically, the patient will have difficulty standing up or even walking properly if he is suddenly beset by a vertigo attack. This is not too much of a problem for most patients since they would only experience an episode for a brief moment. Unfortunately, other patients have far longer episodes. The disease we are focusing on happens to be one of the conditions which give us insights into the workings of our various bodily systems. We should be able to learn more about our bodies, our bodily processes, as well as the many ways it could malfunction. Vertigo will help us gain a better appreciation of those.

The first way in which vertigo normally manifests in patients is where the patient feels as if he or she is moving, normally in a circular motion. The end result is a situation where the patient is likely to behave as if he or she is drunk, as he or she tries to move in the desired direction, while at the same time facing opposition from the perceived 'internal forces.' Dizziness will be inevitable, and nausea attacks will also be involved. Worst case scenario, vomiting would also be possible. Other patients would feel as if they are moving too much and they would not even doubt it. That is how real it seems. It wouldn't be a difficult situation for those patients who are able to manage these bouts of dizziness since that means they can still maintain control in the midst of a vertigo attack.

Vertigo could also happen in this manner: the patient would feel that it is the earth or his surroundings that is moving and he is just standing still when, in fact, it is the opposite. There would be erratic movement from the patient as he tries to dodge and make his way around a room with moving objects. This would inevitably mean that the patient's balance is impaired. He would have a hard time standing straight or walking properly.

It is also a symptom of vertigo when the patient feels as though his head is spinning. In other words, they would feel some rotation, but only in their heads. The patient feels like he is standing still and not moving at all. Conversely, he also does not feel as though the world around him is moving or the objects inside a room are in motion. In this case, all the whirling and spinning is taking place simply inside his head. This can be a very scary thing when it is only the first time that someone is experiencing it.

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