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Roloke Good ‘N Bed Adjustable Wedge

Roloke Good 'N Bed Adjustable Wedge

Good 'N Bed® Adjustable Wedge by RoLoke

8 Hours a day Sitting & 8 Hours a Day Sleeping

Adjustable Bed Wedge Pillow

The Good 'N Bed wedge was scientifically designed by Dr. Lionel A. Walpin

Activities that can be harmful to the spine. We end up sleeping on our arms, our stomachs, and our spines sag. We wake up with headaches, sore muscles, nerve and joint irritation. Poor posture leads to micro trauma of tissues.

The Good 'N Bed wedge provides position choices when sitting or sleeping.

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This adjustable pillow bed wedge has a patented, body-contoured, concave surface for maximum possible support in bed allowing a good nights sleep, pain free.

Each body position adjusts from 8" to 12" to 16" elevations by using 2 patented removable inserts. Washable cover included.

Poor sleeping posture can be more than just irritating. It can Impair Tissue Nutrition Interferes with Normal Tissue Mobility And Causes Tissue Congestion.

One of the most common posture related problems during sleep is placing the arm or hand under a pillow or directly under the face or head. This is done either to support the head and neck or to try to keep the pillow in place.

This posture can cause or aggravate:
- Headaches
- Temporomandibular Disorders
- Neck Pain and Cervical Radiculopathy
- Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
- Ulnar Neuropathy
- Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
- Increased Morning Stiffness
- Swelling of Rheumatoid Hands

Sorry but this item only ships within the lower 48 continental United States

good n bed wedge explained

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Roloke Good 'N Bed Adjustable Wedge