Investment projects in qld jump to 107b, as coal, oil and gas investments soar

Investment projects in qld jump to 107b, as coal, oil and gas investments soar

Published 1:07 PM, January 13, 2017

MANILA, Philippines — Investments and remittances jumped by 107 billion pesos ($4 billion) in January, as foreign investments and remittances jumped from $31.4 billion in January, down from $43.7 billion a year earlier.

According to a survey by Datanglo Financial Group (DFG) released Thursday, investors and remittances increased by $12.4 billion or 31.4 percent, to $36.8 billion, compared with a year ago.

"The strong performance of investment projects in QLD is an important indicator of the state of the economy, given that this sector is responsible for about two-thirds of the state-owned firms' revenue," said Datanglo's Director Gene더킹카지노ral Ravi S. Lobo.

"Investors continue to invest in infrastructjarvees.comure projects, expanding the scope for further growth."

Among the investments are projects worth $18.7 billion for power generation proj바카라사이트ects and $6.8 billion for hydropower projects.

More important was the $17.9 billion investment in rail links, as well as an $11.3 billion deal to convert 557 hectares of farmland near Qayumla, the capital of the state, to residential real estate.

"The investment in projects is a major measure for the state budget. We also hope the investments will bring additional jobs to QLD," said Ravi Lobo.

Lobo said the investment projects in QLD showed how the government was focusing on a "diverse and innovative" infrastructure strategy that will boost growth.

The government announced three big infrastructure investments in January: building a 468 kilometer elevated highway linking Qayumla to the capital, creating a new regional railway that will transport people and goods from central-state cities to the rest of the state; and an 855 kilometer rail link connecting Hingan, Guangdong province, to central-state Guangdong.

The investments are expected to help Qld's economy rebound from an already strong start to 2017.

Finance Minister Joel Villanueva said his government had been looking for ways to accelerate investments in infrastructure since the 2016-2017 budget.

"We've also been promoting the growth of the real economy," Villanueva said at the Datanglo press conference.

He also said the government would loo