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A Helpful Stop Smoking Tip

If you have decided that you want to quit smoking, don’t just drop your cigarettes in the trash and begin the next morning. I know that sounds like bad advice, as you should quit as soon as you can, but you can fail if you do it this way. You should take some time to think about how you can set yourself up of success rather than failure.

There is some great stop smoking tip out there, and there are others that you can come up with on your own. Have them in place before you quit, and you are more likely to succeed. Some simple stop smoking tips include how to replace your addiction with something else.

However, you want that something else to be good for you. There are some that gain weight after quitting, and some even use that as an excuse not to quit. That is just silly. You can take those extra pounds back off, but you can’t take back the years that smoking is taking off of your life.

Think about some things that you can use to replace your smoking habit, even if you think they are silly. Most tips to stop smoking lists say that this is very important, and I would have to agree. There are many things you can do to replace your habit with something else.

You can have candies laying around that you can pop in your mouth when you have the urge to smoke. You can get sugar free ones if you are worried about the calories. Lollypops are always a good choice as they have a stick that can remind you of a cigarette.

Part of your habit is handling the cigarette, and the stick mimics this for you. Other tips on how to stop smoking suggest things like exercise, brushing teeth, and even taking five minutes to breath deeply. All of them work. Some stop smoking tips to think about are the ones that suggest you have to change how you do some things in your life.

You know there are times when you always feel that you have to light up. Some chain smoke when driving, and others have to have a smoke after they eat anything. That means finding a new way to do those thing without smoking.

Of all the stop smoking tips, this is one of the hardest, but also one of the most effective. Changing things just a little can make a huge difference. Other stop smoking tips can come from within yourself.

You may notice that some things work and some do not. Think of it as a matter of trial and error. If you can have a cigarette in your hand and even in your mouth without lighting it, you may have found a way to fight off cravings, even though it may seem like it would do the opposite.

Again, handling the cigarettes is part of the habit. If you can ease that part of the craving, you can resist lighting up. Find those and other stop smoking tips anywhere you can find them online. Keep them with you and plan ahead.