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Quit Smoking Helpline Guides

Trying to ditch the smoking habit? Quit smoking helplines are awesome sources of compassionate and practical support! Anyone who has ever smoked for more than a year can tell you that quitting smoking is anything but easy. Most smokers acquired the habit while it was considered to be cool, in their peer group.

Before you blow the trumpet, declaring, “I'm quitting!”, you must know why you want to quit. What's your personal motivation? Give this a good deal of thought. Make a list of all the reasons that matter to you. Remember, once you've publicly advertised, to friends, family and co-workers, your commitment to quit, all eyes will be upon you.

Political correctness is certainly a two-edged sword! Once upon a time, the tobacco lobbyists were in their heyday, gaining favors via low taxation, and freely advertising their poisonous products via magazine and TV ads. The FDA looked the other way as cigarette manufacturers loaded their product with more dangerous and addictive chemicals than you might ever imagine. All included to really get you on the hook.

Then we began to hear of the link between smoking and lung cancer. It wasn't long before smoking became a social stigma issue. People who hadn't taken up the habit now had a PC social edge over these ignorant smokers, adopting the holier-than-thou attitude. This social divide only served to alienate the smoker. Some people chose to continue smoking as a simple act of social rebellion.

Fortunately, for wannabee quitters, quit smoking helpline, with a mission to actually help people quit without being judgmental, began springing up everywhere. The quit smoking helplines are a terrific front line of defense. Unlike your sister, brother or a friend, the staff on the prescriptions won't tire of your calls, whining – sure, it happens – about how much you want a smoke now, at 3am!

Any smoker or successful quitter knows that major troubles usually arise first thing in the morning, after meals, or in the wee hours. Like Pavlov's dog, you're conditioned to expect to give a particular response to a certain trigger. The stop smoking medications are designed to be like a 'buddy' system, a sort of smoker's 9-1-1, when you are biting your nails, pulling your hair and more than ready to go out to the all night mini mart for some smokes.

It's funny to realize that the people who don't even know you can offer superior support. The vast majority of quit smoking helpline staff are former smokers, so they know what you're going through. They're not going to dish you lectures. They've been there, done that. They are familiar with all the pitfalls and obstacles which stand in your way and can offer practical advice and strategies to help you through a crises moment.

In addition to the stop smoking prescriptions, forums and message boards are another 24/7 option to help keep you 'on the wagon'. Believe me, the tree-huggers aren't going to help. You need to be in touch with people who are also victims of the cigarette scam. They know all the tricks, all of the psychological trips you face.

As an ex-smoker, here's my best advice: seek help from those who know. The quit smoking helplines can make your goal a success! To freedom from smoke!