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Natural Relief from Headache: The RoLoke Adjustable Wedge Pillow

Good 'N Bed® Adjustable Wedge

Patented, body-contoured, concave
surface. Maximum support bed wedge provides choice of a sitting or
sleeping position. Each body position adjusts from 8" to 12" to 16"
elevations by using 2 patented removable inserts. Washable cover

The Good
'N Bed® Adjustable Wedge by RoLoke will allow you to correct your
sleeping habits by adjusting your pillow to fit your sleeping patterns
and eliminate headaches, sleep apnea & snoring problems naturally.

Poor sleeping posture can be more than just irritating. It can...

  • Impair Tissue Nutrition
  • Interferes with Normal Tissue Mobility
  • Causes Tissue Congestion

One of the most commmon posture related problems during sleep is placing the arm or hand under a pillow or directly under the face or head. This is done either to support the head and neck or to try to keep the pillow in place.


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Natural Sleep Aid with Relief from Headache, Adjustable Wedge Pillow: Proven remedy for neck problems by Dr. Lionel A. Walpin of RoLoke Com.

Roloke Adjustable Wedge Pillow Helps Stop Snoring

Comfortable Biomechanical support devices developed by experts such as those made by Dr. Lionel A. Walpin a well known specialist in physical medicine, rehabilitaion, arthritis and pain management.

Scientifically designed postural support products enhance good body use and provide a natural alternative for reducing painful neck and low back conditions.  Reducing or eliminating the need for pain medication.


To see other pain relief and posture support devices by RoLoke & other proven medical product manufacturers go to the Affordable Medical Equipment Client Resource Center, you'll be glad you did.


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