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Children Study: Psychology in Education in San Diego

Whether your child attends a public or private school, or is home-schooled, applying positive psychology in education in San Diego is the cornerstone of success. While a teacher might have the most extensive of books and learning materials on hand, children need to have their curiosity sparked, encouragement geared to their individual personalities which promotes a desire to learn. This is why using psychology in education can spell the difference between a successful or failing student. Here, we explore some of the concepts of this educational cornerstone of teaching children. The effects can last a lifetime.

Teachers need to assess students on an individual basis, taking into account that each child is a unique being, comprising many different characteristics and distinctive personality behaviors. One child may have a sunny disposition and well-developed curiosity, while another may tend to be aggressive and resentful of authority. Each of these children requires a different approach, when applying a successful strategy of psychology in education.

The curious, cheerful child may not need overt urging by the teacher to learn. However, that same child may have an adversity to math. On the other hand, the aggressive, anti-authoritarian child may be a natural artist, with a highly expressive nature. Observing these differences and natural proclivities is the first step in successful teaching. Devoting some time to assessing a child's strengths and weaknesses goes a long way towards teaching every child a love of learning, as well as moderating negative attitudes which detract from the educational process.

You may think that learning to use psychology online education in Imperial Beach is a tall order, but careful observation is the simple key. If you're a teacher in a school with 30 students, you might employ a notebook to keep track of each student, noting problem areas, likes and dislikes. You'll soon get to know each student well and no longer need to rely on notes. You'll also find that when children realize you remember how much they enjoyed a certain book or lesson, they'll form a bond with you that surpasses the threshold of simply knowing their name.

If you're a home school teacher, you know your kids well, so you have a distinct advantage in this way. Nonetheless, the same principles apply. Let's take the example of the aggressive kid with a talent for self-expression. You might want to give that child a special art project, as an 'extra credit' assignment. This is a perfect example of judiciously and productively using Imperial Beach's continuing education in psychology.

While this child should not be excused from other assignments, you can bet that the child will put maximum effort into completing that project. Whatever the result, you are affording him an opportunity to get some of that aggression out in a productive manner. Giving him a free hand may also serve to moderate his resentful attitude to authority figures. This simple application of good psychology can change that kid's life for the better, both in school and in social relations.

Teachers and parents alike know that all kids make mistakes. If two kids get in a spat, or one says something cruel to another, overt punishment may not be the best answer. Such situations may provide another opportunity to use psychology to educate the children in handling conflict. When two kids have a conflict, conduct an after-school, supervised mediation, where each child gets to have their say on what transpired. Teach them the art of compromise and how the situation might have been avoided. Encourage an apology from each kid to the other and a fresh start.

The child who made a cruel remark? Take that child aside and explain that name-calling and below-the-belt remarks are only hurtful and do not increase the worth of one who inflicts hurt, but only diminishes him. Let him know that he can just as easily become a victim of someone else in the same way.

In each of these conflict type situations, doctor of education in counseling psychology in San Diego helps kids focus on positive methods of dealing with conflict and allows for a greater focus on the learning environment, while developing necessary social skills for a healthy future in the years to come. Understanding the motivating factors and personality characteristics of children is the key to a positively-oriented child. Use positive psychology in education and realize the many benefits.