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Herbal Supplements For Menopause Symptom Relief

Herbs for menopause symptoms provide safe and effective relief.


Women who are going through menopause, the 'change of life', often had no idea how miserable this experience could be, until it was upon them. You may change from a perfectly rational, cheerful and upbeat person into an irrational, anxious, nervous bundle of nerves.

This bad movie may not end here. Along with heart palpitations, serving only to increase your anxiety and nervous condition, irritability and headaches enter the picture. Perhaps the worst of all is the episodes of profuse perspiration associated with the infamous hot flashes.

You may become depressed (ya think?).

Although not every woman experiences all of these menopausal symptoms, just a few are enough to drive you crazy. Now that we know that hormone replacement therapy is not a good idea, what do you do?
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